Happy Hands Group


what is Happy Hands?

Happy hands is a program that was developed by an Occupational Therapist in order to help stimulate fine motor skills in children. Groups are run at schools as an after school activity, during Summer camps or can be customized for your playgroup. 

Happy hands is run by an Occupational Therapist. We use cool projects and awesome activities that make fine motor fun. Children love coming to Happy Hands! Each group consists of a sensory motor component, fine motor game and/or art project and learning the correct letter formation (for preK and older) in a unique and fun way.

We offer different programs for different age groups.

3 year olds

During this sensory-motor class, students will work on fine motor skills such as developing the correct pencil grip, cutting, coloring, eye hand coordination and finger strengthening for writing as well as dressing skills. We will also work on basic drawing and writing skills such as drawing a person, basic shapes and writing the letters in their name. Fun games and cool art projects will be used to make this class interesting and exciting. 

A brief fine motor screening will be done at the beginning of the session.

PreK and K

This is a fun, multi-sensory class for children to develop fine motor skills and learn correct letter formation. We will use fun activities and cool art projects to help children develop the prerequisite skills necessary to hold a pencil correctly, tie shoelaces, cut with scissors, color and manage dressing skills. 

 A brief screening will be done on each child at the beginning of the session.  

1st – 3rd grade

During this multi-sensory class, students will work on printing and cursive handwriting by means of cool art projects and sensory activities.  Children will be taught simple strategies to improve the legibility of their handwriting. The class will be fun and interactive, no boring workbooks! A brief screening will be done on each child at the beginning of the session.